CP RealTime
About Us

Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to customer service first and foremost in everything we do. We're fanatical about it. When we are designing our software products, we focus on how our customers will interact with them and we try to make them completely intuitive. After we sell our software to a customer, we make sure they receive expert training and in-depth support. We believe the more we serve our customers, the more they will trust us -- and that translates to success for both parties. We have hundreds of satisfied customer across the United States.

When you buy a Trinity Realtime product, you can rest assured it will work...the first time. And every time thereafter. Or we'll be there to fix it. Our best sales reps are our satisfied customers.

Company Background

The Trinity Realtime name might sound new to you, but actually we've been around for more than 19 years. Trinity Realtime is an offshoot of Ledger Systems, Inc., a well-known accounting systems developer located in California's Silicon Valley, and a Synchronics authorized Dealer since 1984. We decided to spin off Trinity to concentrate on e-commerce interfaces for established general accounting systems already in the marketplace. It was a very good decision. Since we formed Trinity Realtime, we have been swamped with customer demand for our products. The first of which, CP Realtime, was launched on October 1, 2001. In September 2004, we completed development of Realtime for QuickBooks, the first-ever commercial eCommerce accounting-integration product for Intuit's QuickBooks. We have continued to release new versions of our products and in August 2008, we released a new even more comprehensive version of CP Realtime, Version 4.0. Our QuickBooks product continues to be the leading Realtime web site integration tool in the industry.